Chicken Parmesan and Spaghetti

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

 It’s time once again for a nod to the best cuisine in vending form and yet another look at what makes vending food great!  Such a bounty of foodie opportunities we have, all within reach, wrapped in pretty, crunchy cellophane paper and most for under three bucks a pop, direct from the fine folks of Warren, Ohio!

This week, we have another culinary favorite!  In the world of fine food, it’s hard to beat anything Italian.  Those folks from Southern Europe know how to eat and they know how to party!  We’re grateful to their contributions to fine cuisine and even more grateful that they are represented in vending form.  Today’s winner is nothing but the best!  This week, we give you…

 Chicken Parmesan and Spaghetti

 chick parm

 Just imagine… you’re having a bad day.  You’re tired.  You’re hungry.  You drag yourself down the hall looking for that one little ray of golden sunshine that will leave you feeling like today just may not suck so bad.  And there it is!  A reason to go on living and pushing through the muck!  Chicken Parm and Spaghetti just waiting to be plucked from the mediocrity of the yogurt and gum in the machine.  If you listen closely, you can almost hear angels singing!  It’s glorious!  Once crispy breaded chicken submersed in what we can only assume is a fine marinara and topped with a delicate blanket of tasty mozzarella…Viva Italia!!

Wine Pairing:  This week we’re pairing our lovely Italian entree with a fine 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from Caymus.  This newly released vintage is bold and powerful with a hearty blend of cherry, raspberry, oak and spice.  It’s a perfect duo to please the palette.

Beer Pairing: As unlikely as it sounds, we were able to find a beer to match up to our chicken parm!  Our beer is the Peroni Red from Italy.  This golden lager has just the right balance of barley and hops to make it pair nicely with our Italian dish.

So this week when life gets you down, take a virtual Southern European trip to the vending machine of pace, amore & e felicita.  Your tastebuds will thank you and you still may have a little money left over for a candy bar!

COMING SOON!!:  As many of you are aware, our tricky Warranites held a taste testing event of all their palatable products in March.  I accepted their challenge and attended and have had every intention of writing it up for you, but have been so busy wearing far too many hats to get to it!  You should shortly be receiving this Pulitzer Prize winning piece of journalism (hey, a girl can dream!)

FUN FACTS:  Today’s fun fact is about the origins of our vending food, Warren, Ohio!  Did you know Warren housed the world’s first 2-story McDonalds and the Neil Armstrong First Flight Memorial?  Go Warren!!



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