Smoked Sausage and a Tall Texan

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

Life is all about choices…  You’ll choose what you wear, where you go to school, who you marry, who your divorce attorney will be, and, of course, what you’ll eat… it’s all about options.  The compassionate folks of Warren, Ohio understand this and share a desire to provide us with festive feasting opportunities and some darn good food.

 This week is no exception to their culinary rule!  They’ve given us a couple nice choices to consider while we deck the halls and celebrate the season’s festivities.  Not to be outdone by the mall Santa and his styrofoam reindeer, this week we give you….

 Smoked Sausage stuffed with Cheddar Cheese on a Fresh Baked Roll

 vend bratt


 Tall Texan Cheeseburger

 vend burger

Nothing says “tis the season” like aged meats in the refrigerated box of comfort and joy!  This month we have 2 special treats filling our stockings!  Johnsonville makes a second appearance on our awards list, this time a sausage stuffed with a fine, creamy cheddar cheese and slapped on a fresh baked roll.  It may have been freshly baked this year or perhaps when Rankin/Bass were making those delightful holiday specials in the 60’s.  It’s anyone’s guess really, but a nice holiday surprise nonetheless!

 Treat #2 (appropriately enough and perhaps prophetically so) is the Tall Texan Cheeseburger.  Wrestle yourself up some meaty holiday goodness with this tall drink of burger!  It’s meat, cheese and a bun… what makes it tall and Texan is anyone’s guess.  Again, another fun festive holiday happenin’!

 Wine Pairing:  In the spirit of the season, this week our fine sandwiches are paired with the Brotherhood Winery’s Holiday wine.  A soft mulled wine with spicy holiday goodness, this is the perfect match to go along with your sandwich and sugar plums!

Beer Pairing:  Anchor Brewing has graced our holiday table with the perfect beer!  Their Christmas Ale is only available for a limited time, but has a nice aroma, rich malt and a light touch of holiday spices!  It just goes super with either sandwich!

So, whether you’re opting for a smoky sausage or a tall Texan to give you the energy to finish that last-minute holiday shopping, just remember to enjoy the season and to stop at the pharmacy for some tums or pepto.  It might be the best gift you give yourself!

Happy Holidays and Bon Appetite’!


A Vending Mitzvah:

So, lest we forget Hanukkah!  Here’s an interesting vending machine for our friends who keep kosher!

If you see no danger, neither do we!  Es gezunterheyt!

vend mitzvah


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