Johnsonville Bratwurst on Pretzel Roll

     Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards   

This week’s tasty treat has been called the “thrill of the grill” and is available in your grocery store in a variety of flavors.  Because it has such a “killa from the grilla” rep, I’m surprised to see it in vending form.  Apparently it aims to please whether grilled or nuked.  So, that being said, this week we give you the award winning…

Johnsonville Bratwurst on Pretzel Roll

nov brat

For those of you lucky enough to remember, there used to be a commercial where everyone got all excited because someone was grilling Johnsonville Brats.  People would invite themselves over to your house or just announce it to everyone within screaming distance that this tasty delicacy was on the menu.  Apparently a neighbor grilling some of these babies was enough to get everyone in an uproar, to the point that they would violate your privacy and invite themselves into your yard and help themselves.  But yet, people continued to grill them.  My take: either grill something else or get 911 on the speed dial (or if you’re an extremist, an electrified fence.)  Unless you’re invited and bringing a dish to pass, keep your hands off the brats!  It’s just not polite to get all grabby with another person’s bratwurst.  As for our vended brat, it’s fogging up the plastic, but comes on a pretzel roll – and hey, who doesn’t love pretzels!?  Those crazy Warranites from the land of Ohio have done it again!

Wine pairing:  This week’s wine is the Trimbach Gewurztraminer.  This intense but dry white wine has a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg, and is strong enough to match up to the zesty brat au pretzel.  A good match and a winning combination!

Beer pairing: Joining our brat all the way from the merry state of Wisconsin is the Sprecher Black Bavarian Schwarzbier.  This dark, award-winning beer has chocolaty and charcoal notes with a smoky finish.  Dark and robust, this is just the perfect beer to match up with our non-grilled griller specialty!

So, grab your brat, but watch out for interlopers or those crazy people with brat envy!  They are a rough crowd and you might have to defend your meal!

More weird vending machine news:

Ok, I don’t know when this would ever come in handy… but apparently you can buy fine china in a vending machine!  Perhaps you might find yourself in the middle of a Mel Brooks style fight scene and need to throw some plates, or maybe you just don’t feel like eating your Big Mac out of Styrofoam or cardboard… Why?  Who knows why, but regardless… your china needs can now be met in vending form!  I wonder how they keep the plates from breaking when they dispense??

nov mach