Deluxe Pizza Sub with Hot Pepper Cheese

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards    

As we journey down the road of vending greatness, we’ve seen many repeats and variations of some real interesting items!  This week’s award is no different!  We all know the chicken is King of the Machine, however, a close runner up in the realm of vending superiority are the Italian dishes, especially pizza!  This week’s variation on a theme is…

 Deluxe Pizza Sub with Hot Pepper Cheese

 sept sub

Trust me when I tell you the picture doesn’t do this entrée justice.  It’s really hard to see the mash up of items that appear to be on there.  It looks like the great vending chefs of Warren, Ohio had some leftover items and decided to just use them all up on one sandwich.  There’s all kinds of colors poking out of that roll!  Fascinating… and disgusting, all at the same time!  I cannot speak to potential condiment inclusion as there is nothing outwardly visible, however, it wouldn’t surprise me that there was something in there, and they tucked that into the roll as well.  Warranites are a sneaky breed!!

Mrs. Smith’s Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie

sept pie

As a little side option, here is a slice of Mrs. Smith’s Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie.  I’m not sure what intrigues me more… the potential age of the strawberries or the cream cheese in our machine… typically when fruit has been around long enough it starts to ferment and you get wine… so, what’s up with this pie?!  Should we judge it by a vintage??

Wine Pairing:  Autumn Wind Chardonnay is this week’s pick to enhance the potluck sandwich!  Fermented (possibly like our strawberry pie) in French oak with a fine buttery character, this chardonnay would be a nice, simple finish to the potpourri of things found on this sandwich roll!

Beer Pairing:  Considering the season, the changing of the leaves and the crisp autumn breezes, this week’s beer is none other than Harvest Moon by Blue Moon Brewing Company.  This ale brings a spicy sweetness to the table and just the right flavors for enjoying a nice fall day!  Good stuff!

So this week, sit back, relax and enjoy the creative assortment that is the Deluxe Pizza Sub with Hot Pepper Cheese and sip on a nice autumn beverage while you watch the leaves fall!

Special Vending Extras:

So, I admit, I’m not an outdoorsy person.  I don’t hunt, I don’t fish and I don’t spend a lot of time enjoying the wilderness outside of suburbia.  So, it was news to me that there are vending machines out there that actually sell live bait.  Some of you are probably saying “Well, yeah…. Didn’t you know?!”  Well, no.  I didn’t.  And ewww.. yuck!  It’s interesting to me that our vending machine sells chicken wings and pizza… but you don’t buy the live chicken in the machine!  It’s prepared and ready for the microwave.  Not only is this machine selling bait, but there’s critters moving around in there!  Seriously!!??  I can tell you if I put money in the machine and the item comes out moving, things will get real loud, real quick!  Woah!

In any case, for those of you who, like me, were not in the loop on this one, welcome to the party!  There be worms here!!!

sept bait


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