Birthday Edition: Soup, Salad & Sub

  Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards   

    **Birthday Edition**   

 Ok, ok… so, shameless self-promotion!  Yes, it is my birthday, but truly we all benefit!  As a result of this great, momentous event, the fine folks of Warren, Ohio have opened their cupboards and brought forth a birthday bounty of worthy, celebratory proportions!  Today we have three courses in fine culinary fare!

Broccoli Cheddar Soup


Who doesn’t love a nice, hot bowl of soup!  And when I think soup, of course I think vending machine and thus, broccoli cheddar!  A thick cheesy broth with some freshly diced broccoli all served up in a cardboard cup.  Here we experience the very essence of vending gourmet!  De-lish!!  I’m sure when fine cheese artisans made their cheeses, this is exactly what they had in mind!

 Santa Fe Salad


As a salad goes, this is pretty hearty!  The Santa Fe Salad is chock full of chicken, corn, cheese, lettuce and a zesty dressing that appears to be thousand islandish with a bit of a spicy kick.  This salad has been brought to my attention on several occasions because of the corn.  I admit, I’ve never put corn in a salad, but again, Warrenites are on the cutting edge of the culinary landscape and they see the horizon… and apparently it has corn.

 Steak & Cheese Sub


Today’s entrée is served up with fun on the bun!  This sweaty steak & cheese sub has all the right elements for a good meal (or possibly botulism)!  A roll, sliced steak and provolone comprise this savory sandwich!  Sure it’s not filet mignon, but vending fare can only go so far!

 Wine Pairing:

This tasty trifecta needs something dark and flavorful to wash it all down!  Of course, the nature of our celebration (we ARE ALL celebrating, right?!) means that it should be festive and appropriate!  Today’s wine is Cupcake Vineyards Red Velvet!  This zinfandel is a blend of varietals with flavors of chocolate, mocha, blackberry and coconut!  It’s a party in a glass, so lift em’ high and toast the happy occasion!!

Beer Pairing: 

Raise your stein as we continue to toast this special day (again, gratuitous self-promotion here) with Alpine Beer’s Hoppy Birthday Pale Ale!  Citrus tones and floral hops make this a smooth APA, certainly worthy of any occasion!

So let us celebrate this important event with fine vending fare, enjoy the beautiful spring weather and hope that rain nor food poisoning will spoil this special day!

Cheers and bon appetite!