Gourmet French Dip Sandwich

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

 Greetings Friends!  After an unfortunately long absence, we’re back with the gross items we’ve all come to savor and enjoy!  In fact, this week we have something extra special!!  Our clever companions in Warren, Ohio have waned to an all new level of woeful with this culinary curiosity.  From the colonial shores, this week I give you….

Gourmet French Dip Sandwich


Now, some of you are probably asking “Isn’t this a French dish?  It says so in the title!”  This tasty entree was actually created in the USA, but is typically served on a French roll, thus, the French dip…  Perhaps our atlas-challenged Warrenites are not aware or perhaps they are just trying to trick us again, but in either case, this sandwich is certainly NOT on a baguette!  This is one of those fancy-schmancy sandwiches that tries to be sophisticated with the au jus dip, but really it’s just a blue-collar roast beef on a seeded roll and some broth in a cup.  Who are they trying to kid here?!  Just because you put Aunt Tilly in a dress doesn’t make her a princess, know what I mean??  In any case, for $3.25, this baby is all yours!

 Wine Pairing:  This culinary creation deserves something unusual, so here it is!  Two Hands Sexy Beast Cabernet Sauvignon!  Intense flavors of blueberry, plum and currant with smoky herbs make this wine a good match for our culturally confused sandwich!

 Beer Pairing:  For another unusual match for this sandwich, our beer this week is the Milk Stout Nitro from Left Hand Brewing Company.  Blended flavors of coffee, brown sugar and vanilla make this beer just the right stout for the French dip!

 So this week when you are looking for something a little different, certainly not your typical vending machine fare, skip on down to the vending machine that keeps the happy coming and pick up a Gourmet French Dip Sandwich!