Sausage Gravy Buttermilk Biscuits

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

 In the cold weather that seems to be never ending, we often look for morsels of comfort food or just something warm to keep tummies toasty and happy.  Another quick response of assistance from the rescue squad of Warren, Ohio and behold!  Just such a dish!  As we continue to brave the artic weather and don our flannel apparel (as well as 10 other layers of clothing), we march down to the vending machine of sunshine and lollipops to this week’s winning entrée’…

 Bob Evans Stuffers Sausage Gravy Buttermilk Biscuits


I admit, I like a good breakfast!  And if you’re waiting for the “BUT”, here it comes…  There is one thing on the breakfast menu that I don’t understand and cannot consider eating just because I can’t get past the appearance of it, and that is biscuits and sausage gravy.  Perhaps the folks at Bob Evans have considered this, or perhaps they just are going for compact eatery but they have conveniently designed a biscuit that has the gravy INSIDE the biscuit.  You don’t really have to see the biscuit floating in a pool of goo – you just have to ingest it without dripping gravy all over your shirt!!  And for those of you keeping track, this is the second week that the folks at Bob Evans have also made a contribution to our vending machine.  Kudos to them for another breakfast contribution!!

Wine pairing:  A hearty breakfast sandwich needs a hearty wine!  Our pick is the Sandeman Armada Oloroso Cream sherry.  Much like our sandwich, this wine is aged for 7 years before making an appearance on the shelves, but brings with it a full-bodied blend of sun dried grapes and a nice, smooth flavor.  Just the right blend for sausage and biscuits!

Beer pairing:  Our beer this week is St. Bernardus Abt 12.  This dark ale has a fruity aroma and a bittersweet and malty finish.  Bringing all this flavor to the table just gives us another good match for our gravy packed biscuit!

So, unless you’re running off to warmer places (like Cancun where’s it’s tropical and there are umbrella drinks) keep those tummies warm and when you find yourself in need of a tasty but potentially sloppy snack, try Bob Evans all-encompassing biscuit and gravy treat!  You might not be disappointed!


Pancakes, Eggs & Sausage Links

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards  

This week we pay a visit to 2 of our oldest and dearest friends!  The chicken and breakfast!  Just getting those two things together in one place (or on one plate) is a joyous event for anyone and certainly worth celebrating!  This week’s winner represents the best of all things in our morning meal, so without further ado, I give you…

 Pancakes, Eggs & Bob Evans Sausage Links


Forget that “which came first…” crap.  The chicken laid the egg and it’s here for our dining enjoyment!  The friendly folks of Warren (Ohio, that is…) have given us a morning feast fit for a king, all wrapped up and generously included plastic ware (they are so thoughtful!)  If you’ve ever looked at a breakfast menu and thought “I don’t know what I want?!”  Well, why do you have to make a choice?!  Why not have some of each?!  The friendly Warrenites have given this ample consideration and have responded with the platter of power!  Pancakes, check!  Eggs, check!  Sausage, double check!  It’s all there in on one happy plastic tray, just waiting for you to indulge your greatest breakfast fantasy!!

Wine Pairing:  So, I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, breakfast means mimosas.”  Not necessarily!  Mimosas are great, but every now and again you must stretch your culinary legs think outside the box of breakfast cereal!  This week’s pairing is going to be Ken Forrster Petit Chenin Blanc.  Fresh and fruity, this wine has just the right blend of quince, pear, melon and apple.  You’ll think you’re having fresh fruit with your breakfast!  Delightful!

Beer Pairing:  What goes better with breakfast than coffee?!  This week’s feast gets the best of both worlds with Twisted Pine Brewing’s Espresso Stout!  This dark stout is blended with actual espresso, producing a fun balance of beer and java with some chocolate undertones.  It IS 5 o’clock somewhere, but it doesn’t have to be if you are enjoying this beer with your breakfast!

As mom always said “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”  Embrace mom’s advice and help yourself to a heaping pile of breakfast and a flask of something sweet!  Bon Appetite!


The first vending machines in the US dispensed chewing gum and were installed in New York City train platforms in 1888.

Veal Parmesan with Spaghetti

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

Welcome 2013!  We’re at that delightful post-Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza time of year where everyone takes a step back to reflect on the joy of the holiday season spent with family and friends, the final total of the credit card bills and the number on the scale and say “Crap.”  But hey, what a ride!  So as we move on to a new year, new resolutions (that we probably won’t keep) and bigger and better things (besides our waste line), we take a moment to ring in the birth of 2013 with our first gross vending item of the year!

Right out of the gate with our first 2013 foray into vending greatness, our dear friends in Warren, Ohio have bestowed upon us an item that  is NOT, in polite society anyways, mentioned in the same sentence as a vending machine.  Straight off the farm, dredged in bread crumbs, slathered in sauce and packaged for your dining pleasure, I give you this week’s winner…

 Veal Parmesan with Spaghetti


Somehow I’m sure this is not what great Italian chefs had in mind.  Great Italian dishes are all about fine dining in romantic settings shared with special people.  The added elements of saran wrap and a spork just don’t seem quite right, but here it is nonetheless.  Bon Appetite y’all!

Wine Pairing:  This week’s wine is none other than Falesco Montiano merlot.  With its intense blackberry and cherry flavors (followed by a touch of licorice), this full-bodied wine is a nice, rich blend to enhance the taste of fine dining, vending style!  If you really want to be classy, drink it right out of the bottle!

Beer Pairing:  An unusual little beer, the Brooklyn Smoked Weissbock is our recommendation for a pairing with veal.  This amber stout joins the party with hints of banana, clove and a delicate smokiness that is just what the little cow ordered.

So, as we ring in the new year and choke back the bounty of vending greatness, let’s raise our glasses, tuck in our napkins and prepare for our taste buds to sing (even if it is out of tune!)  Here’s to 2013!  Cheers!!