Thanksgiving Special

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

 **Thanksgiving Special**

 Thanks 1

 It’s once again that time of year to be thankful!  We celebrate Thanksgiving and remember the special people in our lives and give thanks for all our blessings by gathering, gorging and napping in front of the television watching football and eating pie.  Let’s all give props to those crazy pilgrims who freed us from monarchy and showed the Native Americans that we know how to party!  That party was so mad crazy that almost four-hundred years later, we still celebrate it!  And their celebration lasted 3 days (of course, if you consider how long it takes to eat our leftovers, ours probably does too.  But, alas, I digress…

Our fine friends in Warren, Ohio know what a special time this is and have provided a bounty worthy of our pilgrim brethren.  This week we have a virtual cornucopia of treats and delights from the vending machine of good and plenty!  This week: a very special four course meal, right from the refrigerated box of goodness.  For our special vending machine thanksgiving, I give you…

 An appetizer… cheese ball and crackers!

Thanks 2

 What party isn’t complete without an orb of dairy rolled in nuts, cut and smeared on a cracker?!  It’s the “water cooler” of any holiday home party!  Let’s all gather around the celebratory cheese ball and talk about the relatives who aren’t there and are likely to give crappy Christmas gifts!  It’s really how you catch up!

 Salad with Italian Dressing

 Thanks 3

 In order for your body to process all the complex carbs and sugars you’ll shortly be consuming, you’ll need a little bit of roughage to work that all through the pipes.  Why not throw in a little bit of leafy greens slathered in a bit of Italian dressing?  And hey, the holiday rule is that anything healthy negates the “bad” calories.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

 The main course… Lasagna!

 Thanks 4

 Ok, ok… it’s not turkey!  And there is no stuffing.  Get over it people!  Apparently Warren, Ohio is out of the loop on that one and didn’t get the memo.  Let’s just be grateful for what we have… and apparently what we have is lasagna.  But hey, they did throw in a roll.

 Dessert!  Holiday Cookies!!

 Thanks 5

 Since Thanksgiving signals the start of the Christmas/holiday season, why not start your holiday with some delicious holiday cookies?!  I admit, I could have chosen pie, as it was in the machine, but I was so shocked and amazed that they actually had holiday cookies in there, that I was like “why not?!”  You can have pie any day, why not have cookies instead?!

Wine pairing:  Our lasagna feast is being paired with a lovely Barolo.  Pio Cesare Barolo Ornato is a dark, full bodied wine with blackberry, blueberry and hazelnut flavors and a nice, balanced palate.  Remember: on holidays, having your pinkie up is more than acceptable!

Beer pairing:  New York’s Brooklyn Brown Ale tops the charts for our Thanksgiving table!  This ale is a touch sweet with chocolate and caramel characters, but with hints of nuts and coffee.  Just right for our big celebration!

This Thanksgiving, let us all give thanks for all the good things in our lives and all that we should be grateful for (truly!) and also enjoy all the bounty that our vending machine has to offer!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


THE BOSS Cheeseburger

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

 Whether it’s Bruce Springsteen or the guy who signs your paycheck, we all stand just a little bit in awe of anyone (or anything) that we consider to be THE BOSS.  Heck, Hallmark has even managed to squeak in a holiday for it (and if you weren’t paying attention, Boss’s Day just passed.  Sad for you if missed that brown-nosing opportunity!  Remember that when you don’t get a raise!)  In any case, direct to you from those rockin’, forward-thinkin’ folks in Warren, Ohio, I give you…


It’s big!  It’s beef!  And it’s ALL BOSS!  Frankly, I don’t know if I really like the idea of my food being bossy, however, we’ll see who wins that argument when it’s serving time in the colon.  You may look good now, bossy burger, but either way, you’re goin’ down!

Wine Pairing: This week’s wine is the Razor’s Edge Shiraz.  When you’re dealin’ with the boss, you need to bring an edge!  This dark wine laced with fruity flavor and vanilla oak is just enough to do the job!

Beer Pairing:  This week we’re going seasonal with Harvest Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale.  This amber ale with the pale orange glow brings a hinty of fruitiness and spice that would be an interesting combo with the Boss!  And hey, it’s just that time of year for all things pumpkin!

Ok!  You’ve heard it here first!  This week: it’s all about the boss!  When you make that pilgrimage to the vending machine of industry and progress, make the big choice!  Be THE BOSS!