Chicken & Cheese on Wheat Sandwedge

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

** Summer Tour 2012 **

 “Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.”  -Unknown

 If we’ve learned nothing this summer, it’s that the chicken is truly king of the vending machine.  This princely piece of poultry has yet again graced the list of vending machine goodness by giving us yet another bit of culinary love and respect.  With another week of chart-topping goodness, in all its regal cello-wrapped splendor, I give you …

Chicken & Cheese on Wheat Sandwedge

The chicken!  Who knew?!  Apparently the folks in Warren, Ohio have their fingers so on the pulse of the vending machine frequenters that THEY knew and have responded, even before we thought about it!  This week’s “sandwedge” (apparentely gourmonde for cutting the bread in a diagnal fashion) is not only made fresh with deli meats (don’t quote or shoot the messenger… it says so on the label) but also has a very nice packet of Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard.  Just delish!  I may just eat this one with a pinkie in the air, looking very smug!  Who wouldn’t?

 Wine pairing:  This week with our “King of the Machine” sandwedge, we’re pairing a King Estate Acrobat Pinot Gris.  Hints of pear and melon with a touch of orange, kiwi and spice make this just interesting enough to compete with royalty!  You can also still keep that pinkie in the air, and look with disgust on people who judge you for it!

Beer pairing: Perfect with our chicken this week is the Grand Saison Farmhouse Ale.  This summer beer with a light malt base has just the right touch of spice and wheat to play nice with our Sammy, but not over-power it.  A good blend, really!

In considering your options this week from the vending machine of commune and contemplation, don’t forget to pause a moment in honor of the chicken, who really has given it his all so we can enjoy such fine dining!

Vending Machines in the News!

For those of you who just don’t get enough vending machine goodness week to week, here’s an article about a machine that actually dispenses works of art!  I wonder if the Louvre has considered this?


Jimmy Dean Sausage French Toast Sandwich

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards
** Summer Tour 2012 **

Once again we find ourselves paying homage to that most important meal of the day, breakfast! And with the fine treats being provided to us by those crazy kids in Warren, Ohio, why not?! They just keep giving us one delightful treat after another, each one better and more exciting than the last! Today’s supremely delectable snack is none other than that breakfast favorite….

Jimmy Dean Sausage French Toast Sandwich

There’s just nothing like some good, old-fashioned French toast hot off the skillet! Apparently the vending machine wizards thought so too and have magically placed in the vending machine of sorcery and bewitchment this delightful dish. My favorite part of this sultry snack is the way the condensation fogs the cellophane just enough so you can see what’s inside, but there still appears to be a hint of mystery! Let’s also give kudos to the folks who decided French toast should be made into a sandwich! We stand in the midst of pure culinary brilliance here folks!

Wine Pairing: This week we’ve chosen a Riesling would be a great breakfast sandwich companion! Cupcake Vineyards Riesling has a nice buttery flavor, but with a hint of lemon crème! Just delightful and the right touch of sweetness for our toast!

Beer Pairing: On the unique end of beer, we’re pairing this unique sandwich with the Kuhnhenn Bourbon Barrel Banana French Toast Mead. This interesting beer has butterscotch, vanilla and maple tones, all with a bittersweet aftertaste. A totally unusual combination!

Breakfast fans, be glad! Today is a good day and French toast has now officially entered the realm of being a sandwich. What’s next is anyone’s guess! The world is our oyster and if you are around long enough, the folks in Warren may decide that they too need to enter the vending machine world!

White Castle Hamburgers

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

** Summer Tour 2012 **

In today’s world of things being small, compact and cute, the vending machine gurus of Warren, Ohio have followed the trend! This week they have provided us with a name-brand treat that’s small and maybe cute, depending on your perspective! Today in our machine of goodies and toasty dreams are those hot little hamburgers directly from White Castle! Move over Harold and Kumar, this week I give you…

White Castle Hamburgers

White Castle was founded in 1921, and it’s distinctly possible these little burgers in our machine may be vintage stock! Who’s to say? What you get here are 2 little hamburgers on 2 little rolls with a little diced onion and pickles all wrapped in nice, shiny cellophane! Good eatin’ on a small level! In the interest of considering them gross, I’d like to draw your attention to the words on the label that specifically say “KEEP FROZEN”. Yeah, besides Walt Disney’s head, this is yet another thing that is NOT frozen! Eat at your own risk folks!

Wine pairing: What would go better with unfrozen sliders than a nice, spicy merlot? Our recommendation is the Sterling Three Palms Merlot. This intense wine with black cherry, mocha and oaky flavors is just the right accent to go along with our melting meat!

Beer pairing: Today a slider would be just perfect with a cold class of Sam Adams Black Lager. This dark, complex beer has just the right touch of roast and malt to match up with these serious sliders!

This week, be a risk taker! Try the White Castle sliders before they melt away!