Popcorn Chicken with Honey Mustard

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

** Summer Tour 2012 **


Occasionally the vending machine folks of Warren (Ohio, that is) gives us something especially titillating that even piques our interest more than usual!  A visit to the machine this week proved that this was one of those times!  Another sacrificial offering from the chicken and a good time in the making from the vending machine of sweet and savory, this week I give you…


Popcorn Chicken with Honey Mustard

 Machine 2

 Think of the culinary joy you will find (and how jealous you can make your co-workers) as you strut down the hall with your own, personal finger-licking bucket of honey mustard popcorn chicken!  It’s magic in a bucket people!!

 Wine Pairing: This week you’ll want to grab the bull by the horns when mixing your wine and chicken!  Dancing Bull Chardonnay is just what we’re looking for!  With flavors of juicy peaches, nectarines, citrus and vanilla, this buttery textured wine is just what you are looking for when saluting your chicken!

 Beer Pairing: What says popcorn chicken better than Newcastle Brown Ale?  This slightly bitter ale with tastes of roasted nuts and caramel finishes with just the right amount of sweet and hops!  A good match for our bits o’ chicken!

 So this week when you’re hankerin’ for just the right snack, make your way down for some Popcorn Chicken with Honey Mustard Sauce!  Your taste buds will thank you!!

**Bonus Material**

Apparently Wegmans now has their own brand of healthy-stocked vending machines at the zoo! 

Nothing gross, but useful public service type information to share!



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