Dynamic Duo Breakfast

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards
** Summer Tour 2012 **

Rarely do you ever find as interesting an item in a vending machine as an egg product. It just doesn’t happen! But the chicken, being the mighty creature that it is, has already bestowed its wings to the machine (as well as that tangy chicken delight sandwich), so why not throw in a few eggs as well. The chicken is a giver! It lives, and dies, to give. This week it gives us two gifts that are worthy of breakfast with mimosas! This week I give you…

Dynamic Duo Breakfast

Your choice of one of two breakfast delights that is sure to please and send your morning metabolism into overdrive! You have a choice of the croissant scrambler with scrambled eggs and cheese on a flaky, buttery croissant or the Sausage, Egg & Hash brown sandwich on a roll. Hash browns on a sandwich?! We are truly in the presence of greatness here people! How do they do it? Why do they do it?

Wine Pairing: As previously stated, mimosas are where it’s at folks! In this case, I recommend the Blushing Mimosa! A fine blend of orange and pineapple juices, grenadine and Champagne, this tasty glass of liquid love gives either sandwich just the right amount of morning happy!

Beer Pairing: Today’s beer pairing is Free State Belgian Wheat beer. Who knows, maybe our eggs are free range and will go well with Free State beer! Hints of honey, coriander, oatmeal and orange are just under the surface of this unmalted wheat beverage and just the right match for either egg-wich!

*Note: There’s a certain amount of work-place etiquette that should be considered when eating beer and eggs in the same meal. Gastro-intestinally speaking, one should consider the general comfort of your fellow employees and seek out the sanctity of an isolated cubicle or consider removing yourself to an outlying desk before partaking of this combustional culinary combination. Really, it’s the right thing to do and just plain considerate!

So this week when you are contemplating greatness from the vending machine of sunshine and lollipops, consider this fine gift from our friends in Warren, Ohio and take your pick from one of these fine gifts of huevo! With this kind of morning brightness, the day can only get better!


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