Roast Beef & Swiss Sandwich

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

** Summer Tour 2012 **

 When I think of roast beef, I typically think of slow-roasted, tender, making the house smell all kinds of warm, happy yummy smell from having it cook all day in a nice, juicy gravy.  You don’t often find yourself fortunate enough to have access to that kind of joy in the midst of your day, but here it is right in our own vending machine of bequest and bestowal.  Today the generous folks of Warren, Ohio give us a bit of happy in our day with this week’s winner…

 Roast Beef & Swiss Sandwich

 Layers upon layers of savory roast beef, slices of Swiss cheese and a seeded roll comprise today’s magic in cellophane!  Looking for a little something more?  Fear not, you also get your very own mayonnaise packet to complete this masterpiece!  Van Gogh should have been so lucky!  Maybe if he had access to such delights, that whole ear thing could have been avoided (just sayin’.)

 Wine Pairing: Coming to you all the way from Spain, this week’s wine is none other than the Venta Mazzaron Tinta de Toro.  Aged in French oak with a medium body and the slight hint of cherries, this wine is just the right sidekick for our Roast Beef & Swiss!

Beer Pairing: This week our sandwich is being matched with Honker’s Ale!  This fruity hop, but richly malted beer is just the right mix for good eatin’!  Bring on the goose!

This week when you’re looking for just the right comfort food, look no further than our delicious Roast Beef & Swiss Sandwich!  It’s sure to be the “happy place” in your day!


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