Pizza Sub

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

** Summer Tour 2012 **

This week is special!  Every once in a while the vending gods descend from on high to bring us something that we could not have imagined in our best (or worst) day!  This, people, is one of those days!  Prepare yourself, for today I give you…

 Pizza Sub with Homemade Sauce

From the very bowels of the creative genius that is Warren, Ohio, today we have a virtual melting pot of delights right inside the vending machine of intrigue and wonder.  What can you say about a pizza sub?  And with homemade sauce?!  When life gives you one of those moments where you can’t decide if you want a sub or pizza for lunch… why make the choice?  Why not have both?  This delectable hoagie is chock full of cheese, sauce and pepperoni, all on a nice, dense, classic roll!  It’s east meets west, up meets down and inside meets out!  Mind blowing people, just mind blowing!

Wine pairing: Today our wine is paired with the Four Vines Zinfandel Paso Robles Biker wine.  Blackberry, anise and a smooth vanilla oak finish give this wine just the right cheery disposition to enhance our pizza sub.  And what could be better with pizza than a darn nice red??

 Beer pairing: Our beer pairing is none other than LaRossa Birra Moretti.  This double malt Italian beer has just a touch of caramel and has a uniquely bitter aftertaste.  And according to the Beermeister, “it has been around since Jesus”.  Apparently this is a very mature and experienced beer, just right to pair with our sub!

When sitting down at the lunch table of plenty, tie that napkin around your neck and enjoy this week’s winner, Pizza Sub!  Bon Appetite!

Special shout-out to JK for this week’s vending item hookup!  Good catch man!


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