All American Submarine

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

** Summer Tour 2012 **

As we the people celebrate our Independence Day, we also get ready to honor another tasty patriotic palate pleaser from the vending machine of pride and allegiance! This week’s winner makes us want to stand up and salute, sing “Grand Old Flag” and watch the fireworks go off in a raging finale! Coming all the way to us from our fine, steadfast friends in Warren, Ohio, I give you…

All American Submarine

Now, one might ask “What exactly is in an All American Submarine? What makes it American?” Simply put “American Cheese and bologna.” (What did you expect people? Beef jerky made by Benjamin Franklin? Get serious!) Warren, Ohio gives us their representation of what it means to live and eat America! A liberal serving of grey meat, steadfast American orange cheese and a tried and true sub roll. God Bless America!!!!

Wine Pairing: Our All American sandwich is paired today with the Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel. This full-bodied and spicy wine has flavors of mocha, wild berries and licorice that just give just the right notes for a perfect blend. Bologna and zinfandel, a true match made in heaven!

Beer Pairing: The beer pairing today is none other than the Great American Lager, Budweiser. With an over 100 year history of fine beer with barley malt, rice, hops and yeast, Budweiser is like stars to the stripes of our entrée.

As you celebrate the holiday of the 4th, consider this fine, all-American sandwich. It’s everything you will need for a fun, festive holiday!

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