GIANT Burger!!

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

**Summer Tour 2012**

In the realm of your traditional hamburger, there is the typical patty on a roll and then there is this delicious monster of meat. When the vending machine gods bestow greatness upon us, we can only stand in awe and get our wallets ready to answer the call. This week I give you…

GIANT Burger!!

One big happy hunk of beef charbroil with cheese on a sesame seed bun is the pot at the end of this week’s culinary rainbow!! When your normal burger won’t do, this puppy stands in to fill the need, your stomach and parts beyond! Size does matter people! The hospitable folks from Warren, Ohio want you to know it and offer up this fine sandwich as living proof! The vending machine of opportunity and plenty continues to serve up good times and great memories!

A special side this week for our enormous entrée: New Orleans Kettle Style VOODOO chips! Just the right spice to accompany our cow on a bun, these zippy chips will just make your taste buds dance (or want to stick a pin in something.) So little chips, go do that voodoo that you do so well!

Wine Pairing: A giant burger needs a larger than life wine! This week we’re matching our champion burger with the Catena Zapata Malbec. This complex fruit of the vine brings hints of licorice, dark chocolate, pepper and herbs. Just the right palate combination to match up with our sizable entrée.

Beer Pairing: Again, this treat needs a strong beverage and the Yuengling Black and Tan is ready to step up to the occasion! Hints of caramel and coffee give this beer just the right flavor and boldness to make this match a winner!

So this week when you’re ready to eat and feel that the normal sandwich just won’t do, be sure to swing by and pick up the GIANT burger and Voodoo chips! A big meal for a big appetite!

Vending Machines in the News!
This week I’ve been made privy to a couple vending machine stories in the news and thought they might be worth sharing! The first deals with a vending machine that actually makes pizza to order (cooks it just for you!) and the second talks about a machine that would actually distribute medicinal marijuana. Yes, you heard that right! Clearly we are living in the age of vending machine goodness! Enjoy!


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