Bacon Cheeseburger

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

 ** Summer Tour 2012 **

Most people will have the occasional craving for some nice, hot, crispy bacon!  Ummm… bacon!  Nothing smells as good cooking and just the happy saltiness of a nice crispy strip has to be one of the best things about any big breakfast!  Now, you say “Gee… what can we possibly do to improve on this salty perfection?”  Sure, you can add eggs or a club sandwich, or you can slide a nice hot, juicy cheeseburger under those slices and get ready for some good old-fashioned chewin’!  For this week’s culinary sensation hot off the grill from Warren, Ohio (but from an alternate machine), I give you…

 Bacon Cheeseburger

The bestowers of culinary kindness have once again delivered a treat that any vending machine would be proud to offer.  This is the total package people!  Not 1, but 2 animals, dairy and fiber all wrapped in a shiny, clear wrapping with a nice colorful label.  Our vending machine of hope and endless possibilities has gifted us once again with a tasty ray of savory sunshine!  Every week is just another exciting adventure in our lives of good vending machine fare!

 Wine Pairing: Justin Cabernet Sauvignon offers a flavorful pairing for our cheesy, meat-laden burger.  With flavors of sweet berries and spicy oak, it’s just the right companion for this delicious dish.

 Beer Pairing: Right from Wisconsin, the Riverwest Stein Beer is just the right match for our pig & cow combo!  With touches of toffee, yeast and toasted malt, this is just the right beer for the job!

 So remember!  This week’s munchies can only be cured by biting into this nice, juicy bit of vending machine heaven!  Pork!  Beef!  Cheese!  The total package for all your vending needs!


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