Italian Meatball Sandwich

    Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Award   

Italy. Just saying the word evokes images of romantic venues, provocative art, beautiful music, fantastic wine and most importantly, great food! No doubt that’s what the fine citizens of Warren, Ohio had in mind when they lovingly put this savory little gem in plastic and placed it reverently into our happy vending machine of good tidings and international relations!
This week our taste buds are taken on another adventurous trip around the globe as we look forward to this week’s winner…..

Italian Meatball Sandwich

Today’s fare, ripe for a spin in the old micro-nuker, contains four fresh meaty spheres, mozzarella cheese, a touch of tomato sauce, all on a scrumptious white sub roll.   Just when you thought working all day deprived of you of worldly culinary delights, we are reminded that the vending machine gods care and respect our plight.  They have given us this zestful bit of life abroad in the form of beef and bread!

 Beer Pairing: In the interest of promoting international relations, the Beermeister has recommended a German beer!  Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse wheat beer is refreshing and yeasty, with hints of banana, pear and clove.  Why not make your dining experience into a mini-world summit!  Nato on a plate, I say!!

 Wine Pairing:  What could be better paired with an Italian meatball sandwich than a fine chianti?  Our pick to complete this week’s entrée: Felsina Chianti Classico Riserva.  This wine is a lovely red with rich and intense tones that also gives just the right hint of floral notes and berries.  It’s has an overall compelling flavor strong enough to go toe-to-toe with our sandwich, but not overpower it.  Liver and fava beans are optional.

Today when contemplating your dining options, consider this gift of the vending machine gods and allow yourself to be immersed into the world of the Italian Meatball Sandwich!  Now that’s a spicy meatball!!!


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