Chipped Ham and Cheese Sandwich

    Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Award   

 This week’s gut-churning goodie is something bizarre.  For those of you who crave the fine mix of pork and dairy products, especially with that extra magically long shelf life enhanced only by the toasty lights of the eternal vending machine of perplexity and temptation, you will find everything you crave in this week’s item….

 Chipped Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Chipped ham…. Part of what makes this item gross for me is the fact that I am not quite sure what that means.  Somewhere in some horror film is a pig, an ice pick, and someone perhaps on a murderous rampage.  Spoiler here: the pig loses and somehow mysteriously ends up in cellophane with a silvery packet of generic mayonnaise.  Chipped ham?  I think not!  $2.50 out of pocket and this shocking swine is yours to own!  But wait!  That’s not all!  We’re throwing in cheese and white bread.  Don’t expect to see this on any fine restaurant menu!

Wine Pairing:  today’s taste bit of pork belly is paired with the JJ Prum Graacher Himmelreigh Spatlese Riesling.  This wine, served best only slightly chilled, brings a bit of apricot and citrus notes to the dinner table (or break room) with hints of vanilla, lime and a bit of apple.  A little touch of glamour for a sandwich that would seem otherwise odious, possibly repugnant.

Beer Pairing: Chipped ham is joyous when you drink it down with a nice glass of Goose Island Nut Brown Ale.  A little bit nutty and a little bit of caramel is the best way to complement our happy little piggy!

To summarize: if you’re feeling like really living live on the ragged edge and need just the right snack to pack, consider the Chipped Ham and Cheese sandwich!  It won’t let you down!


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