Italian Meatball Sandwich

    Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Award   

Italy. Just saying the word evokes images of romantic venues, provocative art, beautiful music, fantastic wine and most importantly, great food! No doubt that’s what the fine citizens of Warren, Ohio had in mind when they lovingly put this savory little gem in plastic and placed it reverently into our happy vending machine of good tidings and international relations!
This week our taste buds are taken on another adventurous trip around the globe as we look forward to this week’s winner…..

Italian Meatball Sandwich

Today’s fare, ripe for a spin in the old micro-nuker, contains four fresh meaty spheres, mozzarella cheese, a touch of tomato sauce, all on a scrumptious white sub roll.   Just when you thought working all day deprived of you of worldly culinary delights, we are reminded that the vending machine gods care and respect our plight.  They have given us this zestful bit of life abroad in the form of beef and bread!

 Beer Pairing: In the interest of promoting international relations, the Beermeister has recommended a German beer!  Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse wheat beer is refreshing and yeasty, with hints of banana, pear and clove.  Why not make your dining experience into a mini-world summit!  Nato on a plate, I say!!

 Wine Pairing:  What could be better paired with an Italian meatball sandwich than a fine chianti?  Our pick to complete this week’s entrée: Felsina Chianti Classico Riserva.  This wine is a lovely red with rich and intense tones that also gives just the right hint of floral notes and berries.  It’s has an overall compelling flavor strong enough to go toe-to-toe with our sandwich, but not overpower it.  Liver and fava beans are optional.

Today when contemplating your dining options, consider this gift of the vending machine gods and allow yourself to be immersed into the world of the Italian Meatball Sandwich!  Now that’s a spicy meatball!!!


Chipped Ham and Cheese Sandwich

    Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Award   

 This week’s gut-churning goodie is something bizarre.  For those of you who crave the fine mix of pork and dairy products, especially with that extra magically long shelf life enhanced only by the toasty lights of the eternal vending machine of perplexity and temptation, you will find everything you crave in this week’s item….

 Chipped Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Chipped ham…. Part of what makes this item gross for me is the fact that I am not quite sure what that means.  Somewhere in some horror film is a pig, an ice pick, and someone perhaps on a murderous rampage.  Spoiler here: the pig loses and somehow mysteriously ends up in cellophane with a silvery packet of generic mayonnaise.  Chipped ham?  I think not!  $2.50 out of pocket and this shocking swine is yours to own!  But wait!  That’s not all!  We’re throwing in cheese and white bread.  Don’t expect to see this on any fine restaurant menu!

Wine Pairing:  today’s taste bit of pork belly is paired with the JJ Prum Graacher Himmelreigh Spatlese Riesling.  This wine, served best only slightly chilled, brings a bit of apricot and citrus notes to the dinner table (or break room) with hints of vanilla, lime and a bit of apple.  A little touch of glamour for a sandwich that would seem otherwise odious, possibly repugnant.

Beer Pairing: Chipped ham is joyous when you drink it down with a nice glass of Goose Island Nut Brown Ale.  A little bit nutty and a little bit of caramel is the best way to complement our happy little piggy!

To summarize: if you’re feeling like really living live on the ragged edge and need just the right snack to pack, consider the Chipped Ham and Cheese sandwich!  It won’t let you down!

Reuben Pretzel Sandwich

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

 In the realm of the hot sandwich, one that always seems to make the list with quite a bit of fanfare is this week’s winner.  With multiple levels of flavor and ingredients brought to you from the stealthy vending machine of mystery and intrigue, this week I give you…

 Reuben Pretzel Sandwich

The label on this intriguing bit of culinary delight is a bit mysterious.  It gives you the basics, but no real details.  One can only imagine that a Reuben is just that… a Reuben.  This conclusion brings us to the following typical ingredients: corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and thousand island dressing.  Typically we’d see this on rye bread, however, the fine folks in Warren, Ohio have given us the unique twist of a pretzel roll!  This sandwich itself has mysterious origins with the possibility of Lithuanian or German birth, however, the pretzel tips the scales more toward German (and really, does it matter?)  A Reuben is typically a decent, filling sandwich.  This week, however, we find it given to us from the bowels of the refrigerated beast and one cannot possibly wrap their head around the thought of sauerkraut and corned beef from a vending machine.  It’s just too much to handle!  Yet another question on the list of mankind: what is the meaning of life and why is there a Reuben in my vending machine?!

Wine Pairing:  Created in Alsace, Germany, this week’s wine pairing for the Reuben is the Lucien Albrecht Reserve Pinot Blanc.  This refreshing beauty brings to the table a delicate combination of pears and apples with a fuller-body, but muted and neutral tones.  A light wine to accompany our tasty fare!

Beer Pairing:  Today we recommend Witbier wheat beer as the right dance partner for our stocky sandwich.  This “white beer” with a 50% ratio of wheat to barley malt is just the right type of pint to join our sandwich on the dinner table (or break table!)

So, this week when you find yourself at the vending machine of mystification with a handful of quarters, consider the international sensation that is the Reuben Pretzel Sandwich!  It might just be the break you need in a day filled with paperwork and a sore bottom!

Swedish Meatballs & Noodles

     Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

 Sweden – just saying the name evokes images of Ikea, SAAB, Volvo, ABBA, Absolut Vodka and, of course, meatballs (yes, I just said that.)  Think about it… have you ever not been to a rockin’ good party and those crazy little meatballs weren’t served?  It’s in the party planner’s manual or something… but alas, I digress.  This week we pay special tribute to that happy-go-lucky vending machine of international flair and goodness as we indulge in the culinary party staple that is….

 Swedish Meatballs & Noodles

 Ok, I admit.. I don’t get the noodles in this dish.  I’ve never seen Swedish Meatballs escorted to the party with noodles, but hey, who am I to judge!?  The important thing is that you have the opportunity to purchase these happy little balls of beef, and make a little party for your co-workers right at your very own desk!  Your day getting a little drawn out and stale?  Pop open this favorite app and pass the plate!  You might even get employee of the month for it!!  The popular vote never hurts!

Wine Pairing:  This week our meatballs would just taste divine when accompanied with a John Duval Entity Shiraz.  This fine Australian red displays dark, fruity tones of blackberry and plum, with just a touch of mocha and oak.  Just the right blend for our happy, meaty orbs!

Beer Pairing:  Our beefy dish requires a beefy beer!  For fun around the keg, pair this week’s crowd pleaser with Big Bear Black Stout.  A hint of caramel with a bitter kick, this will make one happy, dynamic duo of fun!

For that good time, friend making one stop party in a tray, pick yourself up some Swedish Meatballs and let the good times roll!