Spicy Cajun Fish on a Sesame Seed Bun

     Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Award – Mid-Week Lenten Special

This week’s winner should come as no surprise to many of you as it’s already been a topic of discussion!  As we begin our Lenten journey, we remind ourselves that we don’t eat meat on Friday and make, what for many, will be small sacrifices as we move toward Easter.  In an effort to ease the burden of our sacrifices and to “keep us honest”, the vending machine gurus have provided us with the perfect Lenten treat.  This Mid-Week special is a big old Halljejuah shout out with…

 Spicy Cajun Fish on a Sesame Seed Bun

This jewel of the sea comes to us all the way from Warren, Ohio.  What type of fish is it, you ask?  Is it sustainable, farm-raised, from the ocean or flown in fresh from Maine?  We can’t really know… it’s just mystery fish.  Heck!  It may not even be fish!?  We don’t even know if it comes with Tartar Sauce!?  It’s part of the mystery of Lent!  4.5 ounces of mouth-watering, church approved goodness all wrapped up in a crunchy cellophane wrapper, just ready to help you keep the faith!

 Bless you, Spicy Cajun Fish!  Bless you!!!

Wine paring: a dish as special as this deserves just the right vino.  As one of the “aristocrats of white fish wines” (let’s just assume it’s some type of white fish), today’s paring is a nice, crisp Pinot Grigio.  Just the perfect touch for our Spicy Cajun Fish!  Its bright and flowery fragrance will complete a nice, warm palette for our gourmet sandwich.

Special shout out to my man “Danger” for covering last week and providing us with the idea for the mid-week special!  Good thinkin’ man!!


Spicy Red Hot Beef and Bean Burrito

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Award

As we continue our global culinary trek, we make a brief stop over in the land of taquila, corn, chilies and chocolate. This week we honor Mexico and it’s contribution to the vending machine gross item of the week award with this tasty morsel…

Spicy Red Hot Beef and Bean Burrito

This flavor-full pillow of gastro-intestinal perfection is everything our award is about! Mouthwatering, spicy and hot (we know because the label says so) this delectable treat gives us the very essence of Mexico through it’s beef and beans in a soft tortilla shell. Nuke this bad boy, grab the tums and be ready to be taken away to the white shores of Cozumel or Acapulco!

Spicy red Hot Beef and Bean Burrito! Let this full-flavored gem take you away (because you’ll surely have to get up and go!)

Wine Paring Recommendation: As a festive and zesty paring for this spicy gem, I recommend a tall, cold glass of sangria! The combination of fruit, juice and rum seems to be the perfect match to take on the dynamic flavors of the spicy red hot beef and bean burrito.

Viva la Mexico! Viva la Spicy Red Hot Beef and Bean Burrito!

Kielbasa and Kraut

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Award

This week’s winner is especially exciting! Nothing says good food like having international flair! This week’s winner comes to us with origins over 4000 miles away in Poland. They may not know much good vending machine food, but they sure do know good eatin’! For this week’s Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week, I give you….

Kielbasa and Kraut

Kielbasa is that great sausage that has that special “snap” when you bite into them. Add the savory sourness of a tangy kraut and you have pure, multi-cultural magic! If you remember to bring your mustard, you could just die right there! Now imagine that amazing meal shoved into a open sub roll, sealed in cellophane and lingering, aging if you will, in the confines of the softly-humming refrigerated machine at the end of the hall. It all seems somehow so magical! And there purely for our enjoyment!

Wine paring: A lovely, aromatic glass of Gewürztraminer wine would be an excellent paring as would a tall, cold stein of Beck’s beer.

Tender Chicken Delight Sandwich

Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards

Welcome to another week of all the culinary delights offered to us by the refrigerated vending machine in Eastman Hall. The machine continues to be the gift that keeps on giving as we take another weekly look at the delectable mysteries within. This week we give a monster shout out to a sandwich that (I suspect) comes to us from somewhere in the heart of middle America (if we’re lucky.) This week’s winner is…

Tender Chicken Delight Sandwich

Typically when you picture a sandwich, you’re not likely to imagine a grey, breaded patty (that perhaps could have been chicken during the renaissance) on a sesame seed bun. This, my friends, is the Tim Burton equivalent of a chicken sandwich. Are there condiments upon it? We can only guess. The only thing I can guarantee is that you will be delighted with this tasty choice… because it says so on the wrapper! Tender! Chicken! Delight! GET EXCITED HERE PEOPLE! It’s guaranteed to be as palatable as the plastic wrapper it’s delivered to you in!!

Tender Chicken Delight Sandwich, we salute you!!!

Wine paring choice: A crisp, white Riesling would enhance this sandwich with just the right touch of fruity flavor!

Pizza Burger with Home Made Sauce

Welcome to another edition of the Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week Awards!

Today’s special culinary masterpiece comes to us as a blending of all things good about food.  For this week’s winner, I give you…


Nothing says Buon appetite like a flavorful pizza patty on a hearty & carby white roll covered in “home-made” marinara.  Depending on your imagination (or you definition of “home-made”), you might actually be able to taste something resembling a tomato as you warm your palette with a nice helping of salt and other fine artificial flavors.  Excellent with a nice cabernet!

Now that’s good eatin’!

 Viva la pizza burger!  Grande!