Chicken Cordon Blue

Sometimes you’ll go to a really nice restaurant and look for something a little better than your typical chicken nugget/burrito kind of concoction. You know, something that doesn’t come in a paper bag – maybe even a linen napkin and some actual silverware instead of a spork (when spoons and forks meet…) Once in a while you’ll see today’s vending machine gross product of the week featured on the menu, but certainly not sealed in a plastic tomb with an expiration label slapped on the back.

Today we pay tribute to: Chicken Cordon Blue

Sultry chicken breast covered with ham and cheese, rolled in a nice crispy bread crumb coating. Certainly something you don’t typically look for in a vending machine… why? Because it just shouldn’t be there!

Chicken Cordon Blue! We salute you!!


Cube Steak with Cooked Onions

Welcome to another edition of the Vending Machine Gross Item of the Week!

This weeks’ winner is something special!  Is there nothing like the smell of a steak cooking over a hot grill?  Who doesn’t love the aroma of onions delicately being caramelized in a smoky pan?  Well, if you are looking for this winning combination, look no further (or maybe you should) because today’s winner of the VMGIOTW is CUBE STEAK WITH COOKED ONIONS!

A glutinous square of cold meat-like product with previously freeze dried onions piled atop a nice, carby white roll.  Pass the napkins, I’m salivating already… NOW THAT’S GOOD EATIN’!!!